Why You Need A Bike?

Summer seems not to be a suitable time for riding bike because the weather in this time is really extremely hot and you can easily get exhausted. It is much cooler in the fall and you can enjoy the nice weather when cycling. However, the strict weather in summer will help you to enhance your strength and challenge your will most.

Cycling will create a favorable condition for you to enjoy the fresh air instead of being restricted to the gym and bring you a lot benefits for mental and physical health. It also engages your legs and your joints. If you want to know more why you need to cycle on two wheels, I will give you more reasons.

Get Out Of the Restricted Area and Enjoy A Nice Day

There are a lot of ways for you to enjoy a warm spring day; however, riding the bike is considered as one of the most active activities to take use of your leisure time. According to a report related to Nutri-strategy, a bike ride can help you to burn more calories than the normal walk, which is calculated 283 calories over 176 calories each hour.

You can take more challenging tasks by going up to the hills or increasing the speed more than 10mph. However, you should keep your exercise in a leisurely pace to ensure the great way to support an active lifestyle.

Exercising Your Will

We often think that riding bike is just beneficial for the physical health because it can help you to strengthen the muscle of legs and increase your duration. However, you may miss one of the outstanding benefits of bicycling, which is powering your will.

At the first time, when you start cycling you may find it rather difficult in some mountainous paths like hills and you may easily get tired and want to give up. However, after a period of time, you may find yourself to be more patient. You can day by day make an effort to conquer the challenges ahead.

You can find out that you can do more than you think even though it is hot and hard weather. Instead of getting familiar with the equipment in gym and enjoy the excellent condition for an easy exercising performance, you can try to exercise both your health and your will in the natural environment.

You Can Strengthen Your Ankles, Legs and Knees

When talk about the benefits that riding can bring back to riders, Andy Clarke who is known as the president of League of American Bicyclists used to say that if you are recovering from injuries, looking for the cross-training options of even find the ways to persevere the knees to take part in the New York Marathon even when you are nearly 85, cycling will help your legs move and your heart pump without any damage to your joints.

Running can sometimes cause the potential damage to the body. However, biking has little impact on the muscle of the legs and it causes less force to the knees. With a condition of a proper training before, you may be equipped with necessary knowledge about how to exercise properly with the bicycle; therefore you can avoid the unexpected damage to your body.

An Environmentally Friendly Method Of Transportation

If you are an environmental lover and want to decrease the number of carbon into the environment, you should think about a green form of transportation. Of course, riding is one of such a thing. It is really interesting for you to both exercise and protect the environment.

Instead of using a car or a motorcycle which can discharge a big amount of carbon into the environment, you can make use of a bike to go to your office on a daily basis. It is for sure that you can burn a lot of calories to keep yourself healthy and fit.

Besides, you can save a lot of money because you do not need to pay for gasoline, maintenance, insurance and other cost. All you need to do is just equipping yourself with a style bicycle which will keep accompany with you in every journey.

How To Ride Properly

Riding seems to be a very interesting way for you strengthen your physical and mental health. However, not all of you much understand what the benefits of riding are and how to ride properly to bring the highest effectiveness.

Therefore, in this paper, I would like to share you some of the most outstanding advantages of riding bikes and some suggestion about the riding strategy so that you can ensure the best results of your exercising.

Benefits Of Cycling

Everyone is all aware of the advantages of riding bike, which is generally improving the health. However, a small proportion of them understand how it is beneficial to their health. In this part I will share some of the reason that you should take part in riding

Enjoying the commute:

If you are interested in riding on a daily basis but is lacking of time, it is a good idea for you to combine your tight schedule with your commute. What I mean here is that instead of using bus, car or motorcycle for travelling as before, you can make use of your bicycle as a main means of transportation.

It is clear that cycling can be comfortably integrated in to your daily life, which makes it different from gym workouts. You can take advantage of your bike to ride to your office. There is one survey pointing out that almost 60% of Portland cyclists using their bikes at list three hours per week.

The majority of this amount of time is made up by some short rides as a means of transportation. It cannot be denied that bike commuting brings a lot of benefits to the health without requiring you to spend a lot of extra time on riding out of your usual way to work out.

Besides, when riding bike to your office every day, you can avoid the traffic jam. You will not suffer from the lines of cars and motorcycle on the streets anymore.

If all the people make use of the bikes as a means of transportation, they can reduce a big amount of carbon discharged into the environment; and therefore, they can better their living environment. Of course, this will make their health better by the fresh air and unpolluted surrounding environment.

Besides, riding is very advantageous to the women because just 30 minutes of riding every day, they can set a limit of the potential risks of breast cancer.

Make the mental shaper

You may not believe but it is true that thanks the habit of going to work by bike, you can be better prepared for the things coming next. The daily riding can help you to increase more energy and reduce the fatigue. With 30 minutes riding a day, you can also improve your memory and creative thinking.

Many therapists suggest that cycling every day will be beneficial to your brain system and it also helps to reduce stress. Cycling is also believed to assist you to reduce depression and anxiety.

How To Ride Properly

If you want to get these benefits, why don’t you start making a plan for your riding strategy? People often think that riding is very easy so long as you can use the bike.

However, it is not the point. You need to well understand how to exercise in the right way to ensure the highest efficiency and reduce the potential damages. It is better for you to read some riding instruction of the professional cyclist and then follow them to ensure the proper exercise.

Then, you need to make a schedule to follow so that you can see the results better. For the beginner, it is suggested that they should start at a quite slow speed and ride in an easy path. Then, they can challenge themselves with the higher speed and difficult routes when they master their skills.

However, one of the most important factors when riding bike is choosing a good bike which will mostly influence your exercise. With a good and high quality bicycle, you can avoid the unwanted injuries and potential risks when riding. Moreover, it also ensure the safety and smoothness to your journey.

How To Make Cycling More Comfortable

If you are deeply in love with cycling and regard this sport as an important part of your life, you may need some following tips to protect yourself from injuries when taking part in this sport.

All of us are aware of the benefits of riding bikes to our mental and physical health. Riding bicycle at least 30 minutes per day, you can reduce the risk of being cancers and strengthen your immune system.

However, without a proper exercising, you may be vulnerable to external and internal injuries. Therefore, in this paper, we will share you some useful tips which can help you to set a limit on the damages that you may suffer from.


You may feel a little bit like Goldilocks when you make an effort to find a comfortable saddle. A lot of cyclists have to try a variety of saddles at different angles to ensure that they can transform their ride. You should check out the guide to purchase a saddle to get some tips so that you can make sure you get the right one.


If you have the bars with wrong curvature and width, you may suffer from the pain in the shoulders and then numb hands. Moreover, it also creates difficulty for you to reach the breaks.

The good bars can help you to support the upper body without much straining your shoulders and necks; therefore you may feel more confident in controlling. Let find a suitable size and favorite styles of the bars so that you can reduce the possible hurt to your shoulders.

Handlebar Tape

One of the other factors that can affect the comfort of your bike is the handlebar tape. If you are finding a cushioned ride, let purchase the tape having gel integrated into it.

You can make a selection of a leather tap or a plastic tape if you want to more connect to the road. Before purchasing, you should read more tips on purchasing handlebar tape so that you can be guided in a right direction.


The chamois selection can have a great impact on the ride experience. Actually, you can make a choice of a chamois depending on your preference. However, if you need to make sure that you can have enough padding in order that you can feel comfortable in the saddle and do not struggle with chafing.


If you have been experiencing tingling and numbness in your hands, you should try some new pairs of gloves, which will help you to protect the hands from the injuries in case of accidents.

The padding inside will help you to increase the comfort, and your palms can be protected in a case of crash. You can purchase a pair of gloves from leather because it can absorb sweat. Besides, there are also some types of gloves which are produced specializing for cyclist so you can try them on.


To any cyclists, a good pair of shoes is an indispensible item in any trip. The shoes need to be snug and stiff enough to transfer the power of your feet to the pedals. The shoes need to be fitted with the size of your feet so that you can feel comfortable when riding.

Do not hesitate to invest in a high quality pair of shoes, which can support you a lot during your journey. Besides, you also need to purchase socks made from good materials such as high-tech fibers so that it can absorb sweat and make sure a comfortable ride.


Cycling Every Day With Your Bike

There are millions of people owning a bicycle and most of them just use it to ride around the blocks. However, riding a bike can bring you more benefit than that. In this paper, we will share you some of the cycling’s benefits which are sure to surprise you. Besides, you also have chance to learn how to make use of your amazing bicycle to get as many advantages as possible.

All of us know that cycling will help us to burn a large amount of calories in the body. Therefore, it seems to be an amazing method for fat people or those who would like to lose weight. The lost of calories will help you to have a sexy and healthy body, and of course you can fit with any dress you like.

Besides, when you maximize the amount of fat in your body, you can reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Cycling also helps you to improve the brain power and memory. In addition, if you are suffering from stress and tiredness, let taking part in cycling, you can sleep better and get rid of insomnia. Let see how riding can do to you in this following part.

Benefits Of Cycling

Weight and obesity control: Cycling is one of the best ways that can help you to reduce and control weight because it can raise your metabolic rate, burn your body’s fat and build the muscle. If you are searching for a way to lose weight you can combine riding with a healthy diet.

It is proven that cycling is one of the comfortable forms of exercise because you can change and adjust the intensity and time. You can practice it every day with gradual increase of speed. Cycling can help you burn at least 300 calories per hour. If you cycle twice per day, you will soon build a healthy body with less fat.

Decrease cardiovascular disease: No one can refuse the good impact of cycling on the blood system. Regular cycling will help you to keep yourself away from some cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack. Cycling will stimulate and improve your lung, heart and circulation; therefore you can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Maybe you don’t know that cycling can strengthen your heart muscles, reduce the blood fat level and lower the resting pulse. Research also points out that those who cycle at least two or three times to work will less exposure to the population than the drivers who make use of cars.

How To Cycle Properly

Let start your training by purchase a good quality bike which can support you in your daily commute. The first thing you have to do is identifying your need because there are hundreds of bikes in the market, which can be suitable for different requirement.

For example, if you want to ride a bike to climb the mountains, you cannot purchase a bike for the flat road because it will not be equipped with some specialized features as the mountain bikes. If you just want a bike to go to work every day or just ride around the park, you should make a purchase of a normal type. Choosing the right bike, you can experience a comfortable and safe journey.

You can set a careful timetable and then follow it on the daily basis or you can fit your training into your commute to work to save time. It is better for you to read instruction of how to use your bike effectively and safely before taking part in riding as a routine activity.


Cycling For A Good Health

To be more fit and healthy, you have to be physically active. Regularly taking part in the physical activities will help you to protect yourself from some serious disease such as heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes, mental illness and arthritis. Cycling regularly is one of the most useful ways for you to reduce the risk of health problems related to a sedentary lifestyle.

Cycling is a low-impact and healthy exercise which can be taken part in by the people of all ages. Children and the older can enjoy this activity every day because it is rather cheap, fun and good to our environment.

If you are an environmental lover and want to protect the environment by decrease the amount of polluted smokes and carbon into the environment, you should make use of a bike to ride to work or the shops.

It is an effective way to combine your everyday routine with exercise. Of course, when a lot of people take advantage of bike rather than cars or motorcycle, there will be a remarkable decrease in the amount of carbon discharged into the environment.

In this paper, I would like to share you more about the benefits of cycling apart from the advantages to environment as I mention above. It can be said that cycling is one of the best way to improve people’s health with the cheapest cost. Besides, I also suggest you how to have a proper training with your bike so that you can enjoy the highest effectiveness after the exercising process.

What Benefit That Cycling Can Bring To Us?

Set a limit on cancer: You may suspect on this fact but actually there are many studies pointing out that the relationship between cancer and exercise is very tight and strong, especially the breast cancer and colon cancer. If you cycle on the daily basis, you can reduce the chance of being bowel cancer and breast cancer.

Reduce Diabetes: actually, the proportion of people suffering from diabetes is increasing. It is considered as a serious health concern. The lack of some physical activities is the major factor contributing to this problem. Researchers say that if a person cycle at least 30 minutes a day, they can reduce up to 40 percent of having diabetes.

Reduce Bone injuries: It is undeniable that cycling can improve the strength and coordination of the bone system. It will help you to balance the joint and muscle system. Therefore, you can have a strong body.

How To Have A Proper Training

It is necessary to make a plan every week so that you can watch and adjust your schedule to match with your physical condition. If you first join this sport, you should have a slight practice in the first days. You can ride for a short time with the slow speed.

Then, in the next days, when getting familiar with the training, you can increase the time and intensity. For those who love challenging, you can choose some hard location and terrains for cycling.